Finger Millet

Finger Millet

Botanical Name : Eleusine coracana
English Name : Finger Millet
Hindi Name : Ragi
Family Name : Poaceae
Finger millet is mainly cultivated in Zambia, Uganda, Sudan, Tanzania, Malawi, Kenya, Zaire, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, India, and Nepal. In Asia, this crop can be grown as rainfed as well as irrigated. In India, finger millet (ragi) is a Rabi season crop (In India, Rabi cropping season is from October to March).

Finger Millet (Eleusine coracana), is an annual herbaceous plant widely grown as a cereal crop in the arid and semiarid areas in Africa and Asia. It is a tetraploid and self-pollinating species probably evolved from its wild relative Eleusine Africana.

Dark Red

Finger Millet is available as whole, flour, multi grain flour and breakfast mixes such as malted Ragi flour. It is also a fat cereal and most of the fats are in unsaturated form. It is a complete multi nutritional food supplement which is rich in fiber, protein, calcium and other minerals.

10kg, 12.5 kg, 15kg, 25 kg in paper/poly bags