Botanical Name : Triticum Aestivum
English Name : Wheat
Hindi Name : Gehun
Family Name : Poaceaa
Wheat is one of the most important crops to humankind as it is a staple of many diets around the world. China produces more wheat than any other country, followed by India, Russia, and the United States. Wheat cultivation in India traditionally been dominated by the northern region of India. The northern states of
Punjab and Haryana Plains in India have been prolific wheat producers.

The domestication and cultivation of wheat (soft wheat and hard wheat) was a founding element in the first human civilizations in the Fertile Crescent. Besides its importance as one of the principal cereal crops which supplies energy in the diet, wheat is also "the first source of protein in developing countries". Wheat is world’s most widely cultivated food crop and in India is the second important staple cereal food. As a rabi season (winter) crop, wheat played vital role in stabilizing the food grain production in the country. It is mostly eaten in the form of chapaties.


Wheat is typically milled into flour which is then used to make a wide range of foods including bread, crumpets, muffins, noodles, pasta, biscuits, cakes, pastries, cereal bars, sweet and savoury snack foods, crackers, crisp-breads, sauces and confectionery (e.g. liquorice).

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